Here are some pictures of my 1956 Dodge Town Wagon. It's affectionately know as the DoMor Dodge, due to the logo of the "Day Camp" that had previously owned it and painted up the sides. My Dad spent a lot of time turning it into something worth driving around town. And I helped as best I could. He repowered it with a brand new Mr. Goodwrench 350. We fired the engine for the first time on Christmas 1997, I've been driving it arround since the summer of 1998 and we finaly got it in paint by Christmas 1998. It's still got all of the interior work to go on it yet, but it gets plenty of excercise these days. I crashed her into a fire hydrant in 2012. I hope to add a photo of the damage soon.

Here's a shot with the now departed trailer.

This is how we found her.

Used to be a bus for a day camp.

The Dash has been augmented a little bit.

The blasphemous Chevy 350 repower.

Showing off the groovy hood.

The first cranking on Christmas day, 1997.

There she sits with some fresh paint.