1st of many exciting gifts from the Geeks.
2nd gift from the Geeks.
3rd gift from the Geeks.
A most excellent mask from Adam and Kendra.
The goblet of Tiki from Brad.
A Powerpuff Girls Hawaii themed Mug. Somebody must have been reading my mind. Also from Brad.
Joby hamming for the camera.
Kendra smelling her teapot.
Adam admiring my delightful gifts while Brand and Kendra look on with envy.
Brad with the Christmas teacups.
Robert with the Chia Scooby Doo.
Robert enjoying his glasses and channeling Stevie Wonder (I think).
Alyssa with her new accounting tool.
Heather loves those fountains.
Jenifer enjoying her large plastic bug.
Jeanie examining her kaleidoscope.
Watching Erik and Joby play chess.
Kelly with Mr. Wonderful.
Adam proudly showing his new copy of Hollow Man.
Michelle with her much coveted book.